KanKouran’s immediate future is devoted to the establishment of an African Cultural Center. This Center will serve as a model to educate the community in order to foster a greater understanding of and appreciation for pan-African and cross-cultural artistic cooperative endeavors. Patrons and visitors alike will have the opportunity to learn about African culture and other cultures throughout the African Diaspora through the study of dance, music, drum making, language, drama, history, culinary and textile arts, and other aspects of culture. The African Cultural Center will become locally and nationally known as a resource center for the study of African cultural arts. KanKouran also envisions expanding the organization beyond its one location and beyond its present company. It intends to accomplish this in two ways: By developing a touring company which will be available for local, national, and international venues; and by establishing satellite studios in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, thus enabling more convenient access to those persons in outlying areas who would like to participate in the many activities and experiences KanKouran offers to the community.